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4/26/20: Made the decision today to make all of my music free. As of right now you can download my entire catalog via my website. Just click on "Music" and you'll find all the download links. Enjoy...

4/26/20: Here in Michigan the governor has extended our stay at home order through 5/15/20. We're canceling our California road trip for now. We were leaving on 5/14, but that seems an unnecessary risk at the moment. Hopefully we'll get to Yosemite in the year 2020, just not in the month of May. Stay safe friends.

3/31/20: My wife and I are safely sequestered in our home, venturing out for walks and groceries. We both feel fine. Our current project is to visit every park in our city of Kentwood, MI. Today we visited two parks...Kellogwoods and East Paris Nature Park. Walked a couple of miles and enjoyed every minute. Tomorrow is a new adventure. Hope you're well.