Winter in West Michigan

by Various

Released 2001
Released 2001
  • 04:17 Story Lyrics What Christmas Means To Me

    Outside the snow is fallin' and it's gettin' bitter cold
    I'm thinkin' 'bout the season and how I'm growin' old
    Then I watch the final leaf, fallin' from the final tree
    And I find myself thinkin' what does Christmas mean to me

    Well it means a lot of shoppin', it means a lot of noise
    It means a lot of eatin', and way too many toys
    And it means a lot of searchin' for souls hard to find
    And as I stare out my window, I can't get Christmas off my mind

          Christmas comes but once a year on that we all agree
          But shouldn't Christmas spirit be a life's philosophy
          So as you place your angel high atop your Christmas tree
          Have some fun enjoy the family
          Give someone a smile it's always free
          Make yourself another memory
          That's what Christmas means to me

    It means a lot of hustle and way too little time
    It means a lot of pressure and for some an uphill climb
    But it also means reflection on lives hard to live
    Let's make everyday Christmas, the season to give


                No matter when no matter where
                We can always take some time to care

    If Christ were here he'd tell us just what we ought to do
    Treat your neighbor as yourself the whole year through
    And make the world a better place, with everything you do
    Say a little prayer tonight, wishes can come true


  • 02:24 Story The Christmas Song


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