Voyeur Constant

by Ken Bierschbach

Released 2004
Bish Music
Released 2004
Bish Music
Country pop meets cajun, 50's, and funk.
Voyeur Constant, Ken's third solo CD is a collection of songs centering on family. He has two other solo CDs to his credit and has been a singer-songwriter on the Grand Rapids, MI local scene for coming up on 25 years. His music can be found at the place where pop, rock, folk, and country meet.

Ken's two other CD releases include "The Bold Type" (1998) and "Somewhere Out There" (2001). He was also a featured writer and performer on "Winter in West Michigan," a 2001 Christmas compilation CD featuring nine West Michigan songwriters and musicians.

Ken currently performs with the band Party of Three, a popular West Michigan trio known for tight arrangements and close harmony on songs new and old alike. You can find information on Party of Three via Ken's website.


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