Somewhere Out There

by Ken Bierschbach

Released 2001
Released 2001
From intimate ballads to guitar driving Rock & Roll to jazzy introspection, Ken takes you "Somewhere Out There" and back again - A songwriter's journey not to be missed.
Ken began his musical journey in 1969- coincidentally or not - the same year Woodstock rocked the nation. He is chronologically older now, but the passion he has for his music has never been greater. Centered in his belief that all of us share a common thread, his songs spring from his life experience sometimes like gentle whispers and sometimes like plaintive cries. The biting honesty of his lyrics reflects the optimism, cynicism, and random nature of everyday life. Active in the music industry since 1990, he has had song-publishing contracts from Nashville to the West Coast. With two independent recordings to his credit, he continues to walk the path of musical enlightenment.

His 1998 release, "The Bold Type" (also available on CD Baby), is the work of a man finding his way through his music and winding up better on the other side. His 2001 release, "Somewhere Out There", is a leap of dramatic proportion incorporating deeper lyrical themes with a sharper musical edge. Ken has been a regular performer in the West Michigan area entertaining audiences for over two decades. He's been featured on the Internet radio program, Andante Café, and was described by the Grand Rapids Press as, " of West Michigan's brightest up-and-coming ... songwriters..."

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