It Must Be Christmas Again

by Ken Bierschbach

Released 2010
Bish Music
Released 2010
Bish Music
Christmas present meets Christmas past. A simple and uplifting tune about the season and all the fond memories that come with it.
This song was written for a holiday show I was part of in Grand Rapids, MI. I've written several holiday themed songs, but this one has always been a favorite of mine. It has many of my own Christmas memories in it; Memories I think a lot of people also have. In early summer I decided to make a proper recording of it and asked friend and record producer Michael Crittenden to give me a hand. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Recorded at Crittenden's Mackinaw Harvest studio in Grand Rapids, MI, the track features several talented musicians. In addition to Michael on guitars and keys, you're hearing Brian Morrill on drums, Tom Hagen on saxophone, and Cherie Lynn Hagen on harmony vocals. A rarity for me, my guitar makes only one short appearance at the beginning of the tune. I hope you enjoy the song.


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