Brand New Clothes

by Ken Bierschbach

Released 2010
Released 2010
Ten tracks of infectious pop folk fare served with a side of country...sure to satisfy your inner hippie.
This record takes Ken's songs and transforms them into individual gems that you'll swear could have been played on the radio in the sixties or seventies. The album was recorded from September through December of of 2009, and was produced by one of the best in the midwest...Michael Crittenden. The record opens with "Bonnie," a pop homage to Ken's childhood. "Hey Brother" comes next, starting with some rhythmic chording on an octave mandolin and finishing with anthemic style power. "Wathcing You Watching Him" will have you swearing that Santana himself is in the room, followed by "Watching It Rain," a love song in the style of the 1950s...listen for the familiar closing chords on this one. The title track is next with its urgent cry for change. Next up is "I Did It Again," a country apology from all men to all women. The pedal steel playing of Drew Howard will astound you. "The Well" is plain and simple a "pop song," with fun musical moments everywhere. "Best Decision" is a song written for Ken's wife (she came up with the title) and has a fun folk/bluegrassy feel. "Angel" is the ninth song on the record and is a slow ballad written for Ken's daughters. The album finishes up with "My Wish," a gospel-tinged uplifting song with a message of hope for everyone. Enjoy.


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